Website Live and Rubbish Photo

Here is a quick update to show you how little stitching I have been able to do, I am really struggling on this 36ct but I have no other colours apart from Ivory and White, I did consider maybe dyeing some but I need to look into what i would need, as I am saving up for advertising in cross stitch magazines.

yes snazzy photo effect from iMac i still love my new toy but still not much clue about all the extra features lol

AND FINALLY my site is live!!!!

only a small amount of charts and not happy with the preview of the mock ups but gradually i will be able to change that.

I have been a bad blogger/stitcher/commenter as I have been concentrating on this and with all the set backs has took me longer than planned!


OK I Know it’s the jubilee party and were all celebrating, yay for an extra day off work but i need your help with a question over  on my other blog (click on the link above) any opinions would be very grateful.

 and sorry for email followers seems i cant spell with no glasses either

Remember Me?

Yes it has been a while but I have been unable to stitch due to terrible headaches, turns out I am getting old and I need glasses. I looked a right idiot in them and it cost me £300 for the pleasure ! Hubby nearly fainted when I told him me.  of course I didn’t tell him I picked Armani but he wouldn’t be any
wiser and its not my fault they were the only ones that didn’t look awful. I pick them up next week but until then I am going to try stitching.

So to make life as awkward as possible I am stitching on a brown linen I hate stitching on linen but the pattern I have done is showing the colours a lot darker than they are so far I did 20 stitches tonight then I had to put it down. Maybe 36ct is asking too much. But from the picture you can see not a good fabric


I have also got my logos sorted they are on my other blog and been busy designing on my new iMac so much better than windows well I guess it will be when I figure out how it all works!:-D

TUSAL and AWARD POST ( yes i know I’m Late)

So far from now on I am not going to bore you with  my posts on the whole designing bit, i have put a different blog up HERE with anything to do with that, will also make it easier hopefully to comment on blogger posts as I am still having problems on the while comment issue.

I have been doing some stitching but on a test piece of Allure so that’s on my other blog, I have remember to take a photo of TUSAL

makes a change i know…

no difference really, and also Yes It is official I am slack and i am VERY late in posting this ( so sorry)

Thank you to Rachel (timrachel)      and  Juel ( stitchstitchknit)

Liebster is a German word meaning favourite, dearest or beloved.  The Liebster Blog Award is awarded by bloggers to other new bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers, to help spread the word about their blogs and to help them gain wider recognition.

The Liebster award comes with four conditions that each recipient must satisfy when accepting.

  1. Choose 5 up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers to award the Liebster to.
  2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
  3. Post the award on your blog.  List the bloggers you are giving the award to with links to their sites.  Leave comments on their blogs so they know about the award.
  4. Share 5 random facts about yourself that people don’t know about you.”

OK so 5 facts

  • I hate soaps, detest them any English,Australian, American I would rather live my life than sit watching TV
  • My favourite song in the world, is Hysteria by MUSE.
  • I drank my first cup of coffee three weeks ago, yes i am now officially GROWN UP!
  • Peanut butter is a real weakness, jar and a spoon yum yum ( i also hated that until a month ago
  • I wear false teeth  ( well a plate really, not full blown nashers) after having 5 teeth took out by a drunk dentist that was struck off when i was about 10 so since then i have a real fear and an accident later left me with no teeth at the top right side, i refused to go to the dentist straight away and left it too late to save them, my fault but at 38 not something i thought would happen to me thought only old people had false teeth 😦

So here are the five blogs i chose to give the award to, hope i have chose ones that have not already received it 😀

Donna’s Cross stitch


Its All ABout Me

Fabulous Frogger

Kates Floss Box

Happy Earth Day!


Guinea pigs Needed

OK not sure if this is going to work  or anyone wants to do this but….

i need some guinea pigs to help.

All you would have to do is look at my etsy shop and tell me which pattern you would like and i will email it you, in return i would really appreciate it if you could

  • give me feedback on the pattern etc ( i cant improve unless i know where i am going wrong)
  • send me a picture of the finished chart
  • if you put pictures of it on your blog to tell them where you got it from

simple… ( i think) 😀


you can email on lovethythread at hotmail dot com

or comment on this post

Etsy shop up and running

yes it is up and running, My ESTY shop still only 16 designs on at the moment and they are very simple designs but hoping  that will change. I have asked an artist i love to design me a logo so fingers crossed on that one, and got my  Facebook page started.

The name i chose is Love Thy Thread, i liked that one and always came back to that one.

so far my favourite  design is this…

i am going to stitch this one up myself to see what it looks like,  and today I have been doing these two.

So tonight it’s either catch up on blogs, stitch or create, depends on what rubbish the hubby decides to watch,

Happy Stitching

Help Needed / Why Is It Your Always Ill When Your On Holiday?

That’s why nothing has been done on the stitching/blogging front, its been one thing after another for nearly 4 weeks and i am now suffering from man flu, so yes i am at deaths door lol

Thank you for the lovely awards i will reply this weekend to the award this weekend when i am feeling better, i hope everyone had a lovely Easter and had plenty of stitching or chocolate ( or both)

Now i have been thinking of doing some small designs on Etsy but i cant come up with a good name so far i have thought of:

  • Love Thy Thread
  • Threads Of Love
  • Live By Thread
  • Array Of Stitches
  • Alive By Thread
  • Stitching Joy
  • Little Crosses
  • Threads and Fabric
  • Stitchgalore
  • Life And Times Of Stitching
  • Multicoloured Crosses ( may not work as the US/UK etc spelling if ‘colour’ differs)
  • One More Little Stitch

So the help i need is are any of them any good, which one pops out at you or have you got a better one as mine are not up to it, I REALLY need you help as i have asked my husband and all i get it grunts and thats it, bleeding useless!

also if your blog has word verification on it and am still unable to comment on any of them and after 15 minutes i give up, blogger really needs to get its act together on this as people are missing out on comments grrrr

Happy Stitching


Orts, New Toy and Freebie Bunny Pattern

Thank you everyone for the kind comments on this bleeding pain. No sewing to see, as the toothache is now an infection and my face looks like the Hunchback of Notredam, So i have been playing with my new toy.

I have had help from Sharon (AKA Daffycat) and she has told me what to do so hopefully it will work, as i have had a go at designing my own cross stitch.

After a lot of mistakes ( i made the design too small so it didnt  chart very well) i have gone from this, my first attempt at playing with the graphics tablet


to this…

yes i know its not brilliant but its my first attempt OK, not sure yet how I can get it on the web so people can get it so until then I am afraid people will have to email me ( mail at weestitchy dot com) .

Going to start stitching it up to see what it looks like.

Here is my ORTS jar for this month, not bad for me.


and finally its been a lovely sunny day and while i was sat outside on the decking  i could hear this nose like a bunsen burner i looked up and 100 yards above me was this, i would love to go up on one of those on a sunny day.

hope everyone has had a good weekend

Pains, Small Stitches and Pills

First of all… My laptop is mended!!!! and no it didnt cost me more than a new laptop neither, why is it everyone is out to make money out of people, i mended it myself so i am FINALLY back online oh how I missed you little Internet land.

Next is an update of Sadness Of An Angel, still not finished the background or face completed as i STILL have toothache.


I am just not in the mood to stitch at all, the pain is terrible and the painkillers are a waste of time, i got an emergency appointment today but my Dentist as on holiday so i sat nervously in the chair of a dentist i didn’t know ( at this stage i was in so much pain i didnt care what they did as long as they took it away) and sat while he knocked his metal stick thingy on my teeth while i tried not to jump out of the chair only for him to tell me to take some antibiotics and come back in five days if i am still in pain, when my normal dentist is back.


So now i am miserable, I had a tin of lukewarm soup so i could take my tablets then a drink of water and the pain was so bad after he had banged my teeth that i was crying with pain, not crying like a kid but with tears that i couldnt stop as it was that painful.

Yes this week has been a REALLY bad week, with Dentists, my eldest doing something so awful its the worst thing that a child could do to a parent,  and my doctor telling me i need counselling because of it and some little pills to make me feel better ( which i haven’t got yet as i would prefer stitching to be my drug) it has been a really shitty week, at least i am back properly in blogland.

Now I only have 5 months worth of back reading  and commenting to catch up on… I may not pick a needle up all week 🙂

Pass Me The Nurofen

where the writing went from my previous post is any guess. i really need to get a new laptop but can’t see that happening anytime soon, which is really annoying as the laptop i have is 14 months old and it needs a new screen but would Cost nearly as much as a new laptop to fix so until then i am plodding along with my phone which is slower than being on dial up.

anyway here is the missing writing from the previous post…

I was wanting to show the finished face but i have had toothache really bad – that’s why i hate going to the dentist i have just paid £204 to fix  my teeth and have come back with worse pain than before.
so it has affected how much i have got done.

At the moment i am working over four pages and just stitching any area that picks my eye. last night i watched Alcatraz, C S I ( i still miss Grissom but prefer Ted Danson’s character to Ray  Langston) and Suits- hubby went to bed early so i made good  use  of being able to hold the remote control. So i stitched part of the background last night in between swallowing painkillers and waiting for then to kick in. i didn’t want to stitch something i had to concentrate on too much.

i am hoping to try and continue with this one till the end of the month to stop me looking at the HAED site as i have put snowman by Ruth Sanderson in my cart so many times. yes i know i have more than enough started my hubby keeps reminding me 🙂


Not much to show with Dreaming On The Farm i did  manage to finish off all the white clouds on but that’s about it.


Then i decided to switch to Sadness Of An Angel, i was a bit worried that with it being a mini that they detail would be lost, so i have started to concentrate on her face, this way i can compare the one on HAED’s Gallery and see the difference,

all weekend i couldn’t see what i was doing but i love it when you step back and it comes to life, and it has sparkle in it, yes i know some people hate stitching with Krienik but with small threads and some thread heaven i don’t mind it, i think the wings will look really good with a amount of sparkle in it, ( although i may not be saying that at the end lol)






it might look better the more of the face  i complete

Muttering Like Muttley

I am peeved today, can you see why?

yes i run out of DMC 762 so i bought some more, and carried on stitching, it wasnt until i got stitching next to the old thread that i could tell something was off, I really need to invest in a good light. The difference on colour is really off and it is the same number this is the second time this has happened to me this month!

First lesson dont stitch in blocks as you can really see the line especially when something like this happens

I must have had the thread in for years but who would have thought they would have been a difference, so really peeved about it, I am not going to frog it, i will hope as i get further in that i wont look straight at it.

Anyway CD has now been put away and this week i am working on DOTF

I have decided to stitch the sky this week,  so it will give me a idea of how big it will be, so hoping that i get  all the sky done and maybe start the rainbow.




also here if a close up of DREAMING ON THE FARM, can any of you tell what I am showing you?

I was supposed to be working on the HAED BB SAL Lovers, but i dont like how it is turning out, it was between two charts and i wished i had gone with the tiger, so not sure to just plod on or leave it

and finally thanks for all the comments i do read your blogs but i cant leave comments as i am using the net on my phone, which to be honest is pretty naff!!

What the hell did i do with my threads?

Have you ever put something in a safe place and then find you have no clue where you put it?
Well that is what i have done with my new threads so Daffy has been put away as i can’t even stitch the background.
So i have picked up Corsair Dameria again.


not worked on her much as i joined the local gym and like a idiot who hates exercise decided to help my weight loss and i was surprised to find i enjoyed it, however my legs are in agony today so i have skipped aqua fit tonight as there is no way i could have jumped in a pool today.

hopefully i will loose 3 1/2 lbs in two weeks as i will have been going to weight watchers for six months and i am hoping to have lost 3 stone half of what i need to loose. so my legs are just going to have to get used to it lol.

finally here is my TUSAL update


yes the picture is bad but it goes all blurry when i try and take a close up i will try and edit it when i can get on a computer.

Boredom Has Struck


I am in a indecisive mood today, should i carry on with Daffodil springs or pick something else up, to be honest with you i want to finish all the top row of the black outline, but i am so bored with stitching black, black, black that i haven’t done anything  since FRIDAY!


I dont think frogging helped too  *sigh*


fighting the urge

yes i have two charts that i want to start butk i have loads on the go that i need to get a bit done on them before i start anything new so this afternoon i picked up QS daffodil springs.


yes i know i wanted to get Mermaid worked on but i didn’t want to stitch no more yellow today i did enough yesterday so i fancied doing something else.

Top Row Complete!

i have finally completed a row.


this includes any HAED that i have done i was going to swap and go onto something else but i might do the next page its really full of  blocks  of colour so might only take me a couple of  weeks. think i made a mistake with marking the chart off when stitching the ship  though so i may have to fix it depends how much you can tell when i have done all of the ship.
its forecast snow this weekend so hoping for loads so i can get more stitching in.

TUSAL,Lovers and Mermaid

just a quick update not as much progress as i would have liked but life gets in the way. it always takes me ages filling the pages in.


i also remembered to take a photo of what i managed to get done in this months QS Lovers SAL.


and finally TUSAL for this month i may be late as i can’t get to read any blogs having to use my phone which to be honest is awful is really doing my head in.


thanks for all your comments and for letting me know the picture is ok

Speedy Needles At Work

Its been an age since i did any work on Mermaid. So after swooning over Orlando while watching At World’s End i picked her up  on her Friday night and have loved working on her again and i  did loads more than expected for ISHW  (can’t link it as i am writing this in the dentists waiting room).
i was going to also show my update for the SAL but forgot to take a photo. i was going to go onto something else as i was going to have some kind of rotation going but i want to try (and i did say try) and finish the top row as this is the furthest i have got with a HEAD.


hoping the photo isn’t too bad as i took it with my phone (laptop completely dead now hoping some computer whiz can get my charts off it) will show a picture of all of it when i finish these  two pages.

New Year, New Starts

First of all hope everyone had a happy Christmas and new year, it was very hectic here as we were entertaining everyone for Christmas day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day (which is like Christmas Day but with no presents), so very little stitching was done. I did manage to start on Sadness For An Angel but with no money i have had to just stitch her on normal DMC, ( i am trying to sell my car now as things have got that bad so i dont think hubby would have let me get the silks, so i didnt even ask, Why do we ask when we work just as hard as the men, if not more?)

But Here is my first update of her stitched on 28ct Jazlyn tenting 2 X 1 ( i really need to finish something this year so tenting it is!)


And with the new year comes the new SAL from the HAED BB i had to have Nene’s Lovers, as soon as i saw it.

and this is what i have done so far after today , again stitched on 28ct Jazlyn tenting 2 X 1

I have only done two colours so stitched up fast however since i am back at work tommorrow it may be the only stitching i get done this week.

I am going to updat all my blog and get caught up on reading when i can use the kids computers, as mine has got a white screen and my laptop is plugged into the tv so not very good for reading as i cant afford to get it fixed.


and the winner is… Me and ……

OK first of all update time for DOTF

but you can just about to see her


Next after a truly awful week i found this in my email

this is the first time i have ever had anything RAKed and i LOVE her she has been one of three that i kept looking at and going back to.

I have the fabby just wondering if i should stitch her in silks. This really has made my month!

and last but not least i forgot to say who won the card ( did i mention it was a truly crappy time i was having lol)

any the person who my daughter picked out of the hat ( ok bowl) is Thea

I think that is it for now, off to print off my Angel now i already have a place for her above my bed to watch over me and hubby likes her too ( thinks it the boobs again lol) 🙂

Slowly Coming Alive

Yes I have FINALLY got back into the groove, housework pah it will still be there later!

Here is how far i have got with DOTF.

I am going to go onto the next page so i can see her face, but also so i can finsih the rainbow and then move onto the sky. I thought i would try a new way of stitching these, as with a normal pattern on one page i would just stitch a certain thing ie the sky then move onto the next thing, but with HAED’s I stitch a page at a time. it might not work but with it pregridded it should be ok.


Its also that time of year again when its SAL time, and this year i said no, as i was really bad  i hated stitching on 18ct for fragile heart, so its still no where near done, i am thinking of restarting her on 25 or 28ct,  but when i saw Lovers that flew out of the window, so even though i was VERY tempted to buy Sadness of an Angel, i resisted and will concentrate on the ones i have and the new start in the new year, how good am I? 🙂


yes i know i havent posted any updates i will when i can find the bleeding camera, but the reason for this post is a little Christmas giveaway.

I know its not even Decemeber yet but i want you to get it early. Now its nothing major so no need to get excited but it is something for  you to Frame and keep each year.

I got my parcel this week from Hannah Lynn and Christmas Miracle is more stunning in person than i could have imagined. In the parcel was two christmas cards for me of the same design, my sister has already took one and it is now hanging on her wall, the other i am going to giveaway here, yes i did warn you its not a lot but i say its the thought that counts.

So if you would like to recieve the Christmas Miracle Christmas Card

( which i will leave blank in case you want to send it to someone ) leave a comment, simple, draw will close on the 4th December, if you follow me through email you get an extra go, post about it on your blog, an extra go, you get the drift.

Now i had better get off the laptop as i went to change my HAED wishlist and added more to it! keep hinting at hubby but alas hes a man and has selective hearing lol

OK So I Treated Myself

Yes i know a pool table is a big present but its not something i would have put on my list, but then when i saw a certain person who will make me skint (Hannah Lynn) put CHRISTMAS MIRACLE on ebay

i decided to have a go and bid for it, and guess what i won!!!! Woo Hooo!!

This will be my second original from Hannah, the first is a one off no prints but this one i will be the owner of the original!

I have also started on Dreaming On The Farm again, as off last night this is where i got to

from this when i last worked on here in MAY!!! shame on me!


can you tell the difference, No? keep flipping between them see.. yes there is hardly NO difference. I will be working on her all month so hoping you will be the end of November.

Do you think that this is for me?

Well today is my Birthday, another year older another year less wiser, i was so excited thinking of all them stitching galore surprises, or even an ipod touch as my hubby hates my style of music, so think of my surprise when he told me what i had got.

it wont be here till next weekend, he said…. ooooo  i said and its big oooooooooooo i said.

What is it?

this is what i am getting.


Hmmmm i am thinking that this is not really for me, so much for any stitching goodies, oh well i will just have to get good at playing and win some money.

Place your bets please ( i need some stitchy stash lol)

Return Of The Bug?

Well I wouldn’t go so far, i know a new start might kick my arse in gear but i have loads of new starts and then i get fed up, but i did stitch this little cutie.

I have no idea if the person it got sent to recieved it or not, i was pushing to get it to her on time but with my granddads funeral and my dad in hospital I forgot all about it.

The pattern can be find on etsy here, stitched 1 x 1 on 28ct Jazlyn, he is cute but my finishing sucks.

In return i received this from Cucki, and is now hanging on my room wall. ( not sure why my camera is not making it clear, i may be having one of those days

Not sure what to do next as NOTHING is shouting at me much 😦



Yes it seems my stitchy bug has run off, i have sent out a search party but we have come back empty handed, I may take advice from Mr Tommy Lee Jones and expand the perimeter, (sorry i have just been watching The Fugitive) as it is really annoying me now, maybe i should pick something else up to stitch i just don’t know.

and yes what does Bellatrix Lestrange have to do with my stitching going AWOL, bugger all really i just love Helena Bonham Carter!

well might as well show something…

Not been blogging as i lost my bug, where it buggered off to i have no idea, Since school started back in Septmeber it has been awful, work, home the lot but last night I picked up Royal Holiday from mirabilia. I have had her kitted her up for over a year so after an hour she looked like this…

impressive or what!!

I am FINALLY posting the pic of what i did for IHSW over on Joyce’s Blog, yes bad bad me, late as usual. I did Lizzie Kate’s Christmas Rules, one down eleven to go. I think I may concentrate on this for next IHSW.

Also can you make out my new rug, everyone hates it, but i dont care lol Yes this is my treat to me, for losing a stone.

and i admit it I am watching Finding Nemo, (Callum wouldnt move his big feet lol)

YES i know it is hardly a small treat, especially when the hubby promised me he would buy me a charm for every stone i lost, but bought me a plasma instead ( which by the way he holds the remote control like his life depends on it, so i think its an excuse,  buying it for me but what is it with men and remote controls? lol)

So far after three weeks i have lost 17 1/2 lbs only another 66 1/2 to go argh!!

This week has not been that great though as i have not lost any, i know weigh in  is not till  tomorrow but on my scales it says i put on, hmm must be more strict next week, if i can loose 11 lbs for christmas though it will be two stones and i may be able to tell, as at the moment i cant tell a difference, and thanks for the kind comments for my pic, its just a really good pic of me sat down stood up, though and yuck lol

I was going to start my ironing now but nah going to do a bit more of RH, i still havent bobbinated my threads yet for it*sigh


Baking and Dieting Do Not Mix

It has nearly killed me making these for  the hubby, and while he is sitting scoffing all the cupcakes i am crunching on a carrot stick, yum, yum

They do look better than this pic but since i put my camera away in a safe place it may be a while before i find it and they will be all gone by then.

I am also battling myself, I have willpower… somewhere. I stopped smoking (twice but they where 10 years apart) but the battle with food is one i have not cracked (YET!)

so i am now going to shame myself, as for 4 years since i started blogging i have never shown a pic of me, there is good reason for this, being that i probably don’t have photos of me unless i REALLY have to, however i was given this so at my lowest point i am putting my picture of before me, and then hopefully by NEXT YEAR ( if i say it fast it doesn’t sound that long) i will be able to look back and think wow  or i could just think by Christmas, Well that lasted 😦

And Finally…

I took part in IHSW over on Joyce’s Blog, and pah can you believe it but i couldn’t get rid of visitors, yes the weekend when i was quite content to sink into my chair and watch movies and let the world go by,  i had a stream of people, so not much done.

i will have to post piccies tomorrow as hubby is needing the laptop, typical!


Did You Know That I Cant Crochet To Save My Life?

Well i cant, its seems for all my efforts of trying. I was huffing and puffing, by the end I was tempted to ask for a stiff drink when they went round with the coffee.

2 hours it took me to stitch something that should have looked like this…

but ended up looking like this…

yes ok you can stop laughing now, i know i was the worst in the class, i hated the bloody crochet wool and i am sure everyone rolled there eyes when i was asking for help, so this week i am going to try and do no stitching ( but oh i so want to finish a page on Mermaid  – see further down for pics) as i REALLY need to improve before next weeks class.

I also stitched this bookmark that winged his way over to Canada


and finally, I can see the Ship! but i still havent finished this bleeding page and i have gone onto page 6 too.


The photo really doesn’t do this justice, but she is such slow going. I am going to spend the weekend catching up on blogs, since August i have been having a hectic time, so i am hoping things calm down now, just waiting for the next half term.

Does Anyone Fancy Putting My Threads Back?

Finally finished page one of Lady Godiva. It has took me three days to stitch this bleeding horse, why so long you ask?

Well this is why…

46 colours!! yes 46 colours in the horses head, it was driving me to distraction!

it got harder and harder to stitch the colours, so i am going to have to see about another way of fastening threads, as i was sure i was going to break the needle.

think i am going to do my mermaid next and try and finish the page, i need to see that ship,  ahoy me mateys!

oh i forgot, I caved ( yes buying no more charts lasted all of two weeks lol)

i just had to, she’s mermaid and red/pink, what more can i say

Well at least i didnt buy any of of them Nene’s

I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Very Very Late

Yes like the white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland, I am late Posting My TUSAL, I have been really busy though, painting, washing decking as well as the normal jobs. Tomorrow I am tackling the kitchen cupboards, which i hate, as  I am wanting to try and finish page one of Lady Godiva.

This was taken two days ago and its hard to believe what a few more colours difference it has made, I am trying to finish off the page this week before I move onto something else.

I am thinking of starting Marilyn, but stitching her at night wouldnt work as the light in our house is poor, so may take her on holiday instead, but thanks for the comments, there are all different shades of colours in her but i am going to omit the black background but stitch any black that is in her face.

Also the reason for White Rabbit shouting at me for being late is i forgot all about TUSAL

I love this picture as i always thought that the white rabbit  looked like he was suffering from a massive hangover.

I love this version by Micheal Kutsche , plus he’s not half bad looking too.

So my TUSAL this month has grown but all i seem to be stitching is black and brown, so there is not much colour in it.

Ignore the window, thats another job i have to do. Paint the woodwork and wash the windows, even though we live in a bungalow i still need a ladder to do the windows and it will  never get done if i ask the hubby!

And Finally…

the reason i have been so busy is that i have been painting the hall

cleaning outside decking ( how come its the only job that the kids want to do- well for 20 minutes anyway)

There was quite a lot to do ( even more behind me where i was stood)

and i cant believe my daughter had her coat on, it was red hot and it burnt the back of my neck.

so now i have a lovely clean decking with plants and chairs on with  gorgeous views, i am just waiting for the sunny weather to come back so i can stitch outside.

View from the Decking.

From the Back.

and from the side of the house ( we use the side door and when its pitch black in a morning, foggy and the church has lights shinning on it from the ground up and the trees are bare, it is bloody creepy like something off a horror film, but during the day it looks lovely- apart from the 2 hour bell ringing practise on a Friday night) just noticed you cant really see the church because of the trees butthe grave stones in their are old and yes i know its a bit morbid but are fascinating to read

Here is hoping that after i have done the kitchen it will be warm enough to sit outside, i mean i am on my holiday after all and since i am spending it at home I should at least pretend I’m not at home

First Update Of Lady Godiva

OK here she is the one i have decided to start, Lady Godiva.

I decided I didn’t like the cream when it came, and the white i got was for White Tiger, which i was going to try tenting, so in the end i decided to try tenting Lady Godiva, i don’t know if i have made the right decision, alas only time will tell.

Anyway this is two days of stitching, and i am surprised that i can see the column taking shape, the back is a lot thicker than it is when i am stitching with full crosses, but I seem to have the tension right as its not gappy, but i am just hoping that it is not too tight when doing the confetti stitching. Can you tell that I am having doubts now 😦

I also made a desision on a personnel note to go the doctors and ask for help with my weight, i have never been small, I have a large frame, and my shoulders are nearly as wide as my husbands, so yes im afraid I will never been slim my hips wont allow it, but i want to be happy.

I have moved back to where i lived when i was 19 and 3 kids, stopping smoking ( twice) and 18 years later i have put on 4 stone, how did that happen? I hate going out in case I see someone i know from my past, how sad is that, its my fault and now im moaning, well i have to wait two weeks to be referred and for 12 short weeks i will have all the help i need, not sure that 12 weeks is long enough, 12 years maybe 🙂

So I am hoping that I will gets loads of stitching done to help me, keep my hands busy and all that.



Help Needed

So I am wide awake last night and was trying to figure out, how i can stitch faster to complete the charts i have, i mean my finishes are terrible, so the question here that i am sure you will be able to help is this…


If I stitched Marilyn on black evenweave (Jobelan – never stitched on this before but if someone could give me a heads up on what’s it like would appreciate it) could i miss out the black background, this would then leave me to just stitch the other colours.

I don’t know if this would work as there is black  between the left of her face and her hair, and i am not sure if i should omit this too, or should i stitch all the colours and see what this looks like, any theories on this would be much appreicated.



Small Finish

Just managed a small finish, but not  happy how it turned out, love stitching chickadee as it only take a few nights but my finishing skills are slightly bad, well terrible actually lol.

The more i tried to make it better the worse it got, so i gave up, and yes my idea was to make into a heart and i bought a bell to make the bottom but it doesnt look right, i think i should have not bothered with that part, oh well you live and learn.

Just waiting for the fray check to dry then i can start stitching on… ( still not decided 🙂 )

I Caved ( just don’t tell the hubby)

After a terrible week with my eldest daughter, i needed cheering up so with there being a 30% sale on over at HAED I went and cheered myself up with two charts, White Tiger By David Penfound


and then i bought Lady Godiva by John Maler Collier. Did you know he painted this in 1898! I kept going back to this picture over and over, and in the end i just had to have it.

My husband says I  have a thing for naked women, MEN!

I was contemplating stitching her in silks, but the cost would have been over £220 and even if i bought 4 threads a week, it is far too much, so DMC it is.

I did go back and pick up Rapunzel too, i hate getting beaten, so slow and steady it has been with her, i am hoping to stitch another 4 colours into her and then put it away this month, and yes I call them him or her… come to think of it i have no HIM’s, think the White Tiger is a HIM.

Hoping my fabric that i ordered from sewandso come soon, I think I have enough charts to keep me going for a few years now




I’m Admitting Defeat For Today

I have been stitching Rapunzel today and I give up, yes your right this is a whingy post you have been warned. 😦

I have spent hours on it, and there you can hardly tell a difference, i have headache from checking the chart, checking the place on the fabric, re-checking the chart again, It has been doing my bloody head in, so I am holding my head up and admitting defeat for today and giving up on her for today, maybe even this week.


I’m A Woman I’m Allowed To Change My Mind!

Have you ever stitched something to giveaway, then decided to keep it? No? Just me then 😮

I didn’t know if it was the right thing to send or not, now i am not religous, and only go to church when i have to, but how do you know if someone would be offended if they got a Jospeh, Mary and Jesus ornament, not forgetting the Little Donkey. SO i decided to keep it for myself and send something else 🙄

I just have to make it into an ornament ( argh!) will post a picture when the person gets it

now this week is the confetti SAL on HAED BB so its back to Rapunzel


Fragile Heart Page 3

So I finally finished page 3, ok not finished but the outline for the top of the design is all done. I was hoping to get page 4 done as well, but we were lucky enough to get tickets to see Harry Potter before its general release so I didn’t have time to start it before i moved on.

I also have stitched some more outline of a chart that i am doing for someone, not saying which is just yet, (but you might be able to tell as it grows) stitched on 28ct i wanted to get all the black done on this page before I moved onto something else, but yet again NO TIME ARGH!!!

and finally…

I have to stitch an christmas ornament for a exchange of facebook I have not done one in years so i thought i would give it another go, anyway after WEEKS of changing my mind, not knowing what i am going to stitch i have finally made my mind up, but its not everyones cup of tea so hoping i have made the right decision,

I was going to stitch on plastic canvas then i was going to make it into an actual ball but i was not sure that it would get  here in time, so i am going to stitch it on 28ct ( i think) and decide how i am going to finish it later on.

will post a picture of it tomorrow… still not sure though

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i wish people would stop updating their blogs when i am trying to put my blogroll on bloglovin, i dont need no more excuses to mess up, i can do that all on my own thank you very much, i nearly bought Lady Godiva tonight then realised that i had no money till next week and the sale will be over, damn these Bills

So what’s Your Goals for This Year?

Well its the Freebie SAL on the HAED BB so Fragile Heart is out, i am hoping to see if i can get all the black stitched, we had page 4 emailed to us this week, and i was so hoping that i would be able to keep up with her as the year went on, but i will be happy if I can get it all done, before Friday, or until something else starts screaming at me.

On the BB i also put in my half yearly goals, and after seeing that i am going to fail the yearly goals i have decided to stick with managble ones,So by 31st December I need to have done…

  • 1 page of QS Daffodil Springs by Hannah Lynn
  • 1 page of Corsair Daemira by Nene Thomas
  • 1 page of Rapunzel by Jasmine Becket Griffith.


told you they were short, so i was thinking what is your goals, what would you like to have started, finished or done by 31st December?

Will update picture of Fragile Heart tomorrow when i find what i did with the camera, it is in a safe place, somewhere in the house.


TUSAL, Happy, and the winner is…..

Ok  no stitching to show as i have been too tired, but here is my TUSAL for this month…

don’t think it has really changed as i am that tight with my threads.

I am really happy today too as a shop in next village has opened that stocks the most amazing things, the wool is gorgeous and even though i couldnt knit if you paid me, i was tempted, maybe i could make posh pom poms 🙂

I did however buy some new scissors as my old ones have been used by husband when he was mending the car and got grease all over them and i ordered some magic guide as even though its no way as near as nice as stitching on Jazlyn it saves me loads of time with gridding.

The woman there at UNRAVEL CRAFTS ( yes i know the website is not up yet but she said it would be soon) also sells Weeks Dye Works threads, so no more going to sewandso and paying and waiting for postage, and silks!!

yes silks!

i could buy the colours i wanted one at a time, so i REALLY need a chart with little colours in them, i hear everyone who has stitched with silks rave on about them, so i am looking forward to stitching with them. I just have to find a conversion chart now to change them from dmc into Needlepoint Silk.

and finally the winner of the giveaway is… drum roll please …..JULLIE

List Randomizer

There were 23 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Jullie
  2. Lisa – hudds
  3. Sarah
  4. Kim
  5. Penny
  6. Amy
  7. Lesleyanne
  8. Lauren
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Vani
  11. Virpi
  12. Rachel
  13. Lisa
  14. Julie Nemitz
  15. Babs
  16. Cindy
  17. Candy
  18. Evaline
  19. Eileen
  20. Nina
  21. Stitchstitchknit
  22. Joanne P
  23. Caitlin

Timestamp: 2011-07-01 14:09:39 UTC

who is just starting out in the addictive world of cross stitch so congrats, left you a comment in your post for you to get in touch.

Now i need to get the sewing machine out and mend a curtain as my kids cant seem to shut it without trying to break it out the pole

Stitch, Frog, Stitch, Frog

That’s all i have been doing this, i have been plugging away at Rapunzel trying to make sure i have done the stitches right and then i find that i have made a mistake so i have to frog it all, tis slightly bugging me that i cant seem to count, but thats what you get watching ‘Game of Thrones’ when I’m stitching, still next time i pick it up i will be able to maybe stitch a little quicker.



..Lastly the last day of the Giveaway is tomorrow, just comment on this post