>I Love These Samplers (I want to Stitch them now!!! lol)


I have just seen this Ice Cream Sampler on Michelle’s blog and I love it this is definitely one that I am going to stitch,

Then I saw the chocolate cake sampler too, when I went on the site to see where I could get it from and I love that one as well lol .

In fact I love all of them, and theres a couple of free patterns on the website too so I might stitch them first until I can get my hands on the charts.

So now I have two ( well ok maybe more) that I want to stitch. I am going to paint my Kitchen when I am off work for the school holidays so I am going to have to stitch these .

Now I have just to find someone who sells them in this country, as these will be on the top of my stitching list after I have got all of my exchanges out of the way

( which I have just signed up for another one so thats 5 in total now, why do I do it to myself for lol)


7 thoughts on “>I Love These Samplers (I want to Stitch them now!!! lol)

  1. >Hi, just thought I’d swim over from one mermaid lover to another! Thanks for posting on my blog, I appreciated your lovely comments! Your blog skin is stunning – I love it!Thanks for posting the link to the lovely samplers, I’ve downloaded the “Egg Nog” one to do in the winter!xx

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