>Friendship Card Reveal

Well here is the Friendship card that I stitched for Sue, who is in the Yahoo group I joined up. I had no idea what you put on a friendship card so knowing she liked Disney I thought I should stick to that, but what do you want to bet your supposed to put something on it lol

The design is called Watercolour Pooh, so its not using bright colours that Disney often use, and I stitched it on 25count evenweave, which I have got used to since I started my QS Motherhood ( which unfortunately has taken a back seat until I get the exchanges out of the way!)

I stitched it one over one, so this way I could make it into a card, and I am getting a bit faster at stitching now, so it didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

So now that that one is done I have to get started on the Animal exchange that Lynne set up on the Cross-stitching forum. I have never stitched a realistic animal before and I found it harder to chose a design to do than any other, as it was a limited choice and the other two animals that this person wanted was even harder to find, that would not take me weeks to do.

We did get six weeks to do it in but I have been so busy with everything else I have only just got started on it, and its got to be sent off next week. It’s not something I would normally stitch, so the design I chose is not a big. We can make it into anything we want , when it is finished so I didn’t want to be limited in what I can to do with it.

Karen just gave me the link where I can find the Chocolate Cake Sampler, so when I get paid I’m going to get that, and hopefully Ice Cream Sampler too (money permitting lol)


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