>One Down 3 More To Go!!!

>I have finally finished my RR piece for my bookmark. Though It looks better in real life as the scanner has not picked up the bright colours, as they look dull on the picture.It has took an age to do and i haven’t even started on Margaret’s yet. Been having some problems on the home front, with MIL (who lives next door) stirring up some problems with me and hubby, so I am feeling a bit low lately. I am sure she would be happy if she split us up. I have resisted the temptation to tell her exactly what I think But it will only cause more trouble, and i will never be good enough for her son, as I am not rich, get drunk with them on a weekend,drink and drive like they do, and wont roll over and do as im told.

I always so though what goes around comes around so i will just have to wait. Really want to say thanks to my sister though, as we have never seen eye to eye on many things but has been a great help this pastweek!!

Oh and the knitting HA!!! i have spent more time pulling the bloody wool off the needle that it has stayed on, i have though finally cracked the purl stitch , as i was having real problems with it but i have just to master how to get it neat because as the moment it looks a tiny bit untidy !! lol

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