>Handbag And Gladrags Reveal


I have finally changed from AOL onto BT and god you can tell the difference, no more waiting 15 minutes before AOL would start to work, no i switch PC on and its there waiting to me to sit down and surf the web. now i must resist the temptation to buy stash off the net, no Bev… Bad Bev lol

On the stitching from I received my handbag and Glad rags exchange from Brenda and Lauren has been trying to pinch the notebook all morning since its ‘cooollllol.

I have not managed to get much stitching in so far just did a bit more of my Xmas chickadee, but nothing that you can really see that I have done.
I did though drop everything to stitch the free gift that came in this months Crossstitcher magazine. will post a picture when there’s something more interesting to see.


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