>Secret Animal Exchange Reveal


Well I can finally put my first attempt at a scissor fob that I sent for the Secret Animal Exchange.
My sewing machine has finally died on me and it will cost more to get it fixed than it did to buy the thing in the first place so its off to the tip
I ended up sewing the thing by hand, and really my hand sewing is terrible, as it takes me ages to sew small neat lines, my family cant believe that i can cross stitch but cant sew.
To be honest, I can its just that I don’t like doing it so I just don’t bother unless I have to.

It took me ages to chose a design for the exchange and I stitched it on 25ct so it doesn’t look much but if I had done in 2 over 2 on 28ct it would have been far too big, and I didn’t want to send it framed in the post as it would have arrived broke no matter how much I had packed it.
I have to do another scissor fob for the yahoo group , I chose the design and went and got all of the stuff that I needed for it. my local shop doesn’t sell Mill Hill Beads so I went and bought some other seed beads that they had in, I just had to change one of the colours, but I like the new colour I picked.

Hopefully this time it shouldn’t take me as long to stitch and put together since I have a better idea of what to do. I want to get it done by next week as I am going off on my hols hopefully, so want to get everything done and posted before then.

Oh and yes I finally succumbed and I went and bought the Harry Potter book, now do I read it now, or leave it for my hols, and can I actually leave it alone and not read the back pages, hmmm what do you want to bet that someone will tell me what happens before I get the chance to read it lol

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