>I Have Finally Done One!!!

>I have actually made a start on my Xmas cards and finished one ( cant count the Christmas chickadee that i started as i have lost i- well Hubby did!! Grrrrr MEN!! lol). I have been ringing around the local shops for some opalescent Aida, even though i know prefer to stitch on even weave, as i prefer the finished look, but so far have had no look. i don’t really want to buy off the net as i have been having real problems with the post and it always take ages to arrive and i want to start as soon as possible.

I have decieded just to stitch them all up and then make them into cards all at once,so hopefully by mid december I will have done enough for everyone( the neighbour next door who i dont like- she is really nasty to my kids as they dont like to play with her grandson, who swears constantly, bites and is just a bully( hes 6) she must be so proud- will make do with a crappy bauble card lol)

Anyway finished Santa last night so i am going to make a start on a snowman now, not going to stitch anything else( apart from any exchanges in the yahoo group) except Christmas cards. I love Christmas, the preparation, the shopping, wrapping, everything, it just always seems a let down when its over. The rest of the family (apart from the kids) aren’t bothered about Christmas they all same they hate it, BA HUMBUG!! lol

I also got my Lizzie Kate exchange through today, again I have no idea who has sent it, but I know that i got my keyring from Clare, also posted a piccie of the one i sent her. I love the keyring I got from Clare as I am always losing my keys ( which since i have only got 1 key for my car isn’t that good) so i have put it on the only car key i have that way I hopefully shouldn’t lose it quite as much!!

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