>Happy Dance, Finally Finished Christmas Chickadee


Well i have finally finished my Christmas Chickadee, after two attempts lol.

I started it Thursday night and by Sunday Morning this is how much I had done.

I was determined to finish it, so i didn’t really move from the chair last night just sat and watched TV that I recorded on Sky+, and finished it, apart from the back stitching, last night.

I didn’t want to go to work today and not finish it, so this morning I did the back stitching. It wasn’t as bad as the Chorus line, as there was hardly any to do, which I was glad about as its not my favourite part.

The finished result looks so much better than it does in the picture, as the silver fleck doesn’t come off that well when i scanned it in, and the metallic red that i used for the berries, looks really dark too, but in real life it catches the light and looks really good. Thats the trouble with metallic it looks rubbish when on here

The trouble is now, do I send it on a Christmas card, or keep it for myself. I really love this design and about 95% of what i have stitched this year has been for other people, the trouble is I chose designs that I like to stitch and I would keep for myself most of the time, so where do you draw the line lol

I have just found out today that I have also got an interview for a job that I applied for, running my own school kitchen. I would still be working for the local council, but it would be a promotion .I would be doing it on my own but there are only 45 kids, and the pay is nearly double to what I am on now, so even though I love the job I do now, as it is really easy and I don’t have to think about it. The money would come in so handy, especially with Christmas mas coming up.
Decisions, decisions, takes me all my time to decide whihc pattern to stitch next, never mind do i change my job or not!! lol

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