>I cant believe it!!

I just got a phone call telling me that i got the job and i start tomorrow!!
I am really happy that i got it in one way as i dont have to worry about Christamas now as it has doubled my wage and think of all the stash I can buy then, i want the Chocolate cake sampler for my kitchen which i am going to start and decorate this week, and the colours would go perfect ( just need to find some where that will let you download it as with all the postal strikes going on it will take weeks to get here)

But there is also the fact that i am leaving a place where i love to work, I am sure i will be crying when i go, I love the kids there and i know in a couple of weeks i will be ok in my new kitchen but i am not looking forward to leaving today, hopefully it will all fall into place.


9 thoughts on “>I GOT THE JOB!!!

  1. >Congratulations on the new job!! You must have done something right on your interview that you thought was such a disaster! lol I love all the gorgeous Christmas cards you have stitched. You have really inspired me. Now I want to drop everything and stitch Christmas cards!! Have a great day!

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