>i am back, well sort of


yes its been a year since i last blogged, but a lot has happened. i was ill and it took a lot out of me, i felt really down but after a while i started to feel like my normal self again, that was until the fire, every room was either burnt or up stairs everything melted and the smoke damage was awful everything went in a skip that we owned, the only thingwe had left was the things we were wearing.
Luckily it was during the day, and there was only me at home, people who came to my house used to laugh at meas i had 7 smoke alarms, well i had the bedroom door shut and i wouldnt have known that there was a fire if it wasnt for the alamrs going off. The fire brigade said it was a good job it happened at two in the afternoon and not two at night or else it would have been a very different story. i still wake up two or three times a week thinking i can smell burning, waking hubby up. its been 4 months now since the fire but i am hoping it will stop in a bit.
My room was full of 15 years worth of stash now its empty, i know i said it would be nice to have a fresh start and a good sort out but i didnt mean like this, i can see the funny side now but 3 months ago all i did was cry all the bleeding time

there was nothing left, not even a bloody needle, so now we are in another house, as the landlord wouldnt do the house up,
it is still standing but just nothing inside except bricks, but they kept the insurnce money, we was not insured, arghhh i thought it was july not june in run out, and six days later the house burns down, yep aint life grand, so now we have moved ten doors down, still on same road just at different end of the avenue, the house was a shit tip, and all spare money is going on the house, but were getting there, but to top it off we cant get broadbad, since it seems that we are now too far away from the exchange, so i am now at my mums using there broadband, hopefully by the end of november i will be online again, and stitching as its my birthday next week and i have been hinting to get some stash heres hoping lol

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