>New start for 2009

>My house is bare, there are no pictures on the wall and it needs brightening up so I have decided to start in the kitchen. I like all types of cross stitch and last year i was in the process of stitching this – It is Bothy Threads design, Cut-Thru Garden Shed. I had nearly finished it just had the back stitch to complete.

This is what our shed used to look like, hubby had everything in it, ( which to be honest when he was doing my head in was the best bloody place for him!!)

I Really enjoyed stitching with the bright colours and i want to stitch it again, just not yet.

Anyway I had some vouchers and i spent them at hobby craft and bought this design from Bothy Threads

It will take me ages to do this but i started it last Friday and by this week i had done this……..

i am hoping to get more done this weekend and finish this room off.


6 thoughts on “>New start for 2009

  1. >Hi I love your Cut Thru’s. I am stitching Garden Shed at the moment. I think the designs are lovely. What is the backstitch like to do? Is it ok?You have really inspired me!

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