>Bad, Bad Girl


Oh I have been bad, very bad, Yes i have bought another kit, yep me who said no more spending, me who said i will finish the project that i am doing before i even think about starting another.

Yes I have failed miserably, but hey ho, who bloody cares!!!!
So my new rotation now includes this chart, I’m not saying what it is, just yet, see if you can figure it out, which actually now i have seen the photo i can tell ( well yes obviously your saying since i know doh!!!… but when I’m stitching it up close i cant see the features of it at all)
I started this Saturday night and to say its me who’s stitching ( who is so bloody slow normally) i have done quite a bit, now i just need to come off here and finish my housework ( well start actually, yet again there’s a ton of ironing that i have to do) and i can get stuck in.

Just off to look at a few charts on the net before i start….. just looking though, honest lol

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