>Not Much To Show


Hardly done any stitching, been busy decorating and working when i do get home, do the whole running a house bit i am too knackered to pick a needle up. The weeks holiday we has was harder work than it was at home, with everything that was going off. I did do a bit on the wedding sampler, and it is so much easier with the needle organiser. I also bought another chart, yes another, when i said i wouldnt be i saw it and thought that is our house perfectly.

Its Waxing Moons, Welcome To The Nuthouse we have finally got our hall decorated so will be puttiing that up where people will see it when they come in, just a different take to the Welcome door mat that everyone used to have when i was little. I hoping to get this finished this week if my sewing machine that i ordered last week doesnt turn up (long story but i wont spend so much money on something on the net again)

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