>My Attempt On The Sewing Machine


I have done no stitching at all since last time, apart from the ‘W’ on the Nuthouse, its just sat in the corner of my room looking at me every time, i feel more guiltier about not doing any, i have loads to do and i have been busy sewing, and shopping, washing and generally looking after my dad to do any. I will be lucky to do any before Sunday, as i have birthday cakes galore to bake too, but why do i feel so bad, sob..sob.

This is something that i did do, my first ‘proper’ project on the sewing machine, yes there’s nothing much to it, but I’m a beginner and we all have to start somewhere. This is ‘lucky Duck’ as we have named him. Yes i know its not a duck ,but a hen, but it ryhmes so it’s stuck lol, and yes its got a black beak and cone, but i didn’t do it in pretty colours like it was in the pattern. Its a doorstop, and its for the back door as it never stops open and it has been wedged with a brick in the past. But i have 3 kids and one son who likes to come home covered in mud, ( the muddier the better it seems lol) and they would be no way that some pretty hen would stay clean long in my house, so i have used this Alexander Henry fabric that i won on eBay and made it a gothic hen, which my eldest said was ‘way cool’ what a bloody compliment, from my children, wow the honor lol!!!

4 thoughts on “>My Attempt On The Sewing Machine

  1. >You take whatever compliment you can get from your kids! LOL I love it, I think it turned out fantastic! Great job! Me and the sewing machine don’t get along real well but I am hoping to one day change that! LOL

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