>Welcome Is Finished!

> Waxing Moon: welcome to the nuthouse
Stitched on Platinum 28ct Cashel Linen

Happy Dance time!!!

Yes i couldn’t take the guilt no more of the little squirrel staring at me, so 2 long nights later ( i am a slow stitcher) here it is finished and waiting to be put on the wall. the nut is too close to the lettering, so i might unpick it and do it again, hubby says its OK but its bugging me. My first Waxing Moon design but i enjoyed stitching it.

Now which to do next?

4 thoughts on “>Welcome Is Finished!

  1. >Looks really cute, Bev! That design will surely put a smile to your guests!The nut next to the letter looks good to me but I unpick my stitches too and quite a lot lately. I think, it makes for a really really happy dance.

  2. >Welcome is really nice: I love that pattern.I read for your former house: it’s really sad you lost all your stash. I hope you feel okay in this new house 😉

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