>Happy Dance and New Start


I started Lizzie Kate’s March Flip- It Stamp, after Sunday i had done a lot, even though i am suffering from the man flu, by yesterday this is what i had done. These are not great pictures my camera is rubbish and i cant find my phone (that another one lost), will replace when i get better pictures done

and this is the finished piece that i did last night.Didnt take long, which is just as well since its nearly the end of March.

As soon as i had finished it i started The Trilogy’s Easter Line Up. I stopped up till the wee hours watching the last 3 episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and nearly finishing one line. Hoping to get this done by next week so i can get the other 2 Lizzie Kate Easter Samplers done before Easter finsihes.
If you would like the lizzie Kate chart, just leave a comment will draw out name next week if there more than one

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