>Patchwork Bags and Many Faults


While looking at other peoples blogs, ( yes my list is growing but i love to see what people are on creating) i came across Pink Penguin with a tutorial for a patchwork draw string bag, and since i am still crap with the sewing machine i thought this would be perfect as its the easiest bag to make.

i went and got some scraps from the local fabric shop cut them up and made them into bags, the first smallest one is for Nic’s indoor shoes and the larger one for her P.E kit, yes there is thins wrong with them, and i made mistakes but i have to make my eldest one, so this one will be better. Nic picked what fabric she wanted, but i didn’t have enough cord for the drawstring, so i have tied it slightly different than the tutorial shows, but even with all the flaws i am pretty chuffed with them, at least they haven’t fallen to bits yet ( maybe in a week when they have been thrown around the schools cloak room)

6 thoughts on “>Patchwork Bags and Many Faults

  1. >Well done this looks brilliant!! Im such a Fan of Pink penguin, you wouldn’t believe I made something from her site this week! lol. Makes it a small world. Never mind I spent the last 3 years living just outside of Huddersfield!!!

  2. >My grandmother taught me to handsew squares together like that…that is how my mom also learned. And ya know what? I can’t use a sewing machine if my life depended on it! LOL It turned out lovely and I love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s great to see another face! 🙂

  3. >The bags are beautiful, you should be proud of them! And this sort of project is not all that easy on the sewing machine so you picked a good one to get acquainted with your machine. I know a lot of gals who already love their sewing machine would not try all those "corners", you did really well. And a couple of posts up I see you did a zipper too, now that is great progress, some people go for years before they try a zipper.

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