>Happy Dance, Surprises and The Winner Is….


Had a lovely surprise in the post when i got home yesterday, as i won a giveaway on Sharon’s blog, and its perfect. i have also got my very first hand dyed thread, so I am itching to start using it, i may have to incorporate it into the LK Friendship chart, Thank You Sharon!!

I have also done my very first project on the sewing machine that i had to follow using a pattern. I bought the fabric on a whim as i loved the colours and to be honest i don’t know about it now, but i still love the finished product. I used Amy Butlers swing bag pattern and it was really easy to follow. i haven’t put a bow on it, i think its fussy enough, but this is the start of the bag making for me, so i won’t have the hubby moaning on about wanting another handbag.

My hubby was surprised i chose a easy pattern to start with, as he says i always jump straight in. When i first started cross stitching, my very first thing i stitched was this Country Companion’s design, i had never stitched a thing and it was a challenge but i soon got into it, i think i will have to go a little slower on the sewing machine though, there’s all these terms that i have to keep looking up what they mean, so no dear hubby i wont be making you a jacket for fishing, not just yet! lol

Oh i forgot to mention Kim I need you adress to post off the LK easter Samplers to you as your name was picked out!

10 thoughts on “>Happy Dance, Surprises and The Winner Is….

  1. >I am loving all this sewing, great bag. I love the CC stitching too I have 3 of those on my bedroom wall and one still waiting to be framed… they are very cute!

  2. >Just found your blog. and Wow! so many interesting things going on. And well I never expected to see a stitched female reproductive system, lol I don’t know if thats funny or not, lol. The fire must have been terrible, so sorry for your loss of things.I love the bags you have sewed they are fabulous.I put you in my google reader.

  3. >What a wonderful sewing project – the bag is beautiful! The L*K give-away you received is one of my favorite…one in my stash that I love to stitch up for friends’ bday gifts! Have fun stitching with hand-dye floss it is fun!

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