>Exchanges To Start

> I think the cross stitch pattern that Kath sent me on the tight is my life to a T!, which is why

the blogging and stitching has been very slow, in fact no existent as i have been having a hectic time on the work/home front. But today my fingers are itching to get started again, so i have been looking for something to stitch for the two exchanges i have joined up on, Lizzie Kate Exchange and the ATC Stitching Bloggers Birthday Exchange. The first one I have to do is a ATC ( which to be honest i have no idea what one is so i really need to find out what one is before i start looking at a design) for Janet, and its got to get to Malaysia by the 22nd June and knowing our postal service i need to get it in the post ASAP, now to look for a design to stitch

3 thoughts on “>Exchanges To Start

  1. >Sorry things have been so busy for you and I hope that you are able to gets some stitching done! Make sure and take a look at our ATC Exchange blog and follow the link on there to find out just what an ATC. You’ll do fine and one you make one you will be hooked more than likely!!

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