>Back Seat for MM


Been busy stitching cards for my hubby to give his bosses since they treated him last week and to the headteacher that has left the school that i work at,so Marilyn has been put to one side for the past week while i finish off the Lizzie kate Exchange and stitch another ATC
The first card is Chickadee Fisherman

This one has been adpated from Margaret Sherry’s 12 days of Christmas(to be honest i think it looks crap, not happy with this one)

And the flower card was out of issue 124 of the CrossStitcher magazine

Kate finally got her Butterfly ATC for her birthday, was a few days late, sorry.

and finally this is what i have done on Marilyn, still not finished page two yet, will i ever get there!!

still not able to read most peoples blogs yet as it takes too long to load the page when they have the back grounds on, i cant even see mine, i can post and thats about itAnd it took just over an hour grrr,lol so will have to catch up when broadband is finally on again, maybe next month the way its going.

14 thoughts on “>Back Seat for MM

  1. >Well I adore the Chickadee Fisherman, just in case he needs a new home (LOL). I had thought before I dropped in that you might have your broadband back, hope you get that soon, it's such a pain to wait for the dial up, but I think we've all been there. Hope you get it back soon. Love your cards and the ATCs. MMis looking great (as she always did, he he he).

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