>I Have Finally Done A French Knot


I am doing a happy dance and no i haven’t finished anything major, but i have mastered the art of FRENCH KNOTS!!!, yes i can actually do the now, OK they are not perfect but there are getting better as i am getting on. For years i would avoid them using beads instead, but yesterday i decided that i would do them and i did one, then another and hey presto, i did thirty!!, so yes they look a bit crap some of them but now i want to do more!!!

So this is the progress that i have made on the Silent Night Sampler, you wouldnt believe that the green leaves took me two days to do, i was visited by kermit, so many times that i nearly chucked the thing in the bin, but now its slowly coming on, hoping to have it finished by the weekend, as i have the Lizzie Kate exchange to stitch up.

Anne has got her card now so i can show you this and what i pig it was to stitch on, took me a hell of a lot longer to stitch than i thought it would do, black was a lot easier to stitch on than this, but it turned out ok.
Now im back on broadband i can finally read and comment on other peoples blogs again, no more dial up, oh bliss!

6 thoughts on “>I Have Finally Done A French Knot

  1. >Isn't it funny how you avoid some-thing you don't think you can do then suddenly it all falls into place,I was the same when I first tried to do a French knot now it's just so easy….congratulations!!!!

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