>Men Have No Idea About A Woman’s Needs


Well i have fallen in love with this little clutch bag, how cute is it, you can find it here. I asked hubby if i could get it, but alas he is a tight ******* he just doesn’t understand that i just dont want it i NEED it, but hence he is only a man and what do they know, so i guess not then, ( better not tell him i want a ipod touch then)

I have also decided what to stitch for the LK Exchange, now if only i could get off here and do some stitching. I am going to sulk now lol

11 thoughts on “>Men Have No Idea About A Woman’s Needs

  1. >Whilst I accept that I am not a normal woman and do not understand the NEED for any item of clothing, shoes or handbags etc I appreciate that this is obviously a failing on my part. My one exception to these are if they are bags, clothes or boots for fell walking.However I would suggest that Husband is far more likely to agree to an ipod touch than the bag. After all these seem to appeal to men far more than clothes etc, etc.

  2. >The bag is delightful! could you drop a big hint for Christmas? I know men often have no idea what to buy, it beats sexy underwear as other people get to see it!Angela, you are right no one NEEDS anything but basic bread and water, but I prefer bread and jam! S

  3. >if you saw how many things i have in my wardrobe since the fire, you would know that i really do need this, christmas is coming and i have not one bag to go out with( mind you i aint got no clothes neither, just work and bumming about clothes) i could make a new fashion statement and go in my chefs whites, as long as i had a nice bag lol

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