>Finally Finished!

>Well after bloody frogging on this thing all week, i can finally say thank god its finished, such a simple design and it was awful to stitch, i dont think my head was in the right place. I mean i love christmas and halloween- its a shame is not as big over here than it is in the US but I am so slack, i have loads that i wanted to stitch for halloween, but i do a xmas sampler, doh! yes thats a bright idea. So rushing this ( and no i wasn’t going to stop it half way through, nope i was going to be good and finish the bloody thing) was a BAD idea!

Then to top it off i spilt all my beads all over the place, so now well as you can see i will have a fun weekend sorting them all out ( well maybe not this weekend, Halloween stitching to do)

So this weekend i am starting this ‘Brig & Doon’ I come across the pattern the bottom of a box in a second hand shop, its folded into little bits, and got marks all over it, but i am hoping i can make it out ok, besides it only cost me 10p, Bargain, i have dyed some Joblean today, was supposed to be clouds effect but hubby butted his nose in and now it looks nothing like dark clouds, just a dark piece of Joblean MEN!
And yes better late than never, my monthly TUSAL, yes its still in the little jam jar, and the cottons are getting pushed down even more, but hey its stopping the thread being stuck to all the clothes,settee and all over the floor.
And whats happened to blogger, and wheres spell checker !?!


7 thoughts on “>Finally Finished!

  1. >You have my sympathy about the bead box – I have done it too many times to count. Fortunately my 11yr old loves to sorth them for me!!! lolLove the witches, can't wait to see them done!

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