>T’old Witches Are Growing


Well I after reading Tammy’s blog, who has  the most amazing blogger header i have come across ( i love old fashioned glamour pin ups) i came across Vonna’s way off getting her stitching to lay flat. Now i know that i am not the neatest stitcher, but i will give anything a go, and honestly it is working, although it is slower than normal( hopefully until i get used to get) i did try splitting, but god i was at it for ages ans i was so sloowwwww so i packed that it, i would be lucky to do one LK in a year never mind a month( yes i am that slow), So Brig & Doon, is coming along, slowly but very neat for me!

and i can show you the  atc i did for Lynn, i have just got to have a look for a birthday card to stitch for some one at work who has really helped me out since the fire, which knowing me may well take some time, hoping to crack on with t’old witches by next weekend


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