>Santa Claus Number 1- added pictures

>Yes my threads arrived and I have finished LK Santa.

I have also bought a HAED which I love mermaids but hubby not that keen and if I am going to spend months (maybe years) stitching a design I want it on my room, so I bought this and he likes it, I don’t know if it’s the ship or the boobs but he’s a man so you can make your own mind up. (you need to click on the picture to see all of it)

Finally my hubby bought me a cross stitch kit. I was stunned to put it mildly so instead of finishing another Xmas project I started last year I am now stitching another Santa, still in shock though

8 thoughts on “>Santa Claus Number 1- added pictures

  1. >LK Santa in his pyjamas is cute! 🙂 And for the HAED, it is a great looking ship but I think I go with the others on this one and think the boobs might have something to do with your hubby liking it. 😉 I'll be looking forward on seeing your wip pics. That was a wonderful gift from your hubby. Mine would not know what to buy. 🙂 But he is very supporting and always remembers to armire my finished projects.

  2. >I am sure it is the boobs! Who has boobs like that? And who likes ships anyway?She will be breath taking when she is done. I do love her as I love mermaids the most of all the stitches. That is why I have not finished one of mine yet! But I shall, soon. I have those to do also.Lizzie Kate is so darling. I may have to get that one.How do I post a picture on the Christmas SAL? I am confused!God Bless ~Lenna

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