>Santa Finish and Mistake with Wedding Sampler

>My santa is finished and hung up in the kitchen, but you can see closely that there has been some colour in the fabric, my daughter wanted to surprise me and put it up on my wall but when she ironed it the red run, i have washed it but you can still see it a bit, i don’t know what happened but its on the wall anyway.

I have also been gridding my wedding sampler which is going to be my next project, and i have noticed that i have made some right cock ups!
So do i just carry on, frog it all or just start on a fresh piece of evenweave. I knew i wasn’t happy with it but didn’t know why, so i am pissed off with it, but i am determined that i am going to get it finished before i start my HAED and i am itching to start it so the sooner i finish the wedding sampler the sooner i can start my mermaid.

And finally i mentioned the idea of using hubby’s fishing line for gridding and he muttered something like over his dead body and bloody typical as he was leaving the room, so didn’t think that went down well, but after using the sulky threads i am really glad i tried it.  i got it from local sewing shop as it is a sewing machine thread but i also saw some on eBay, well i am now going to decide what to do about this wedding sampler


6 thoughts on “>Santa Finish and Mistake with Wedding Sampler

  1. >Your Santa is adorable. And I wouldn't worry too much about the floss running. Whose floss was it anyway? As for the wedding sampler. If you don't like the fabric of the one you started AND it has errors you can start over on something you like. Nothing is harder than stitching on fabric you dislike. You soon begin to make excuses NOT to stitch on it. Plus you would look at it and always see the mistakes first. For something as special as a wedding sampler I would want mine to be the best I can make it.

  2. >Fishing line comes on great big reels…he would never notice shhhhh!Thank you for the comment re: my stashless year. The problem is the LHN monthly ornament will be released each month next year! So I will be breaking the rules if I buy them lolTTFNGaynor

  3. >What a shame the red ran but actually it doesn't show.If it was my Wedding Sampler I'd start again on new fabric, as it will never be as you want as it is, especially if you yourself can see the mistake, although I bet no one else would!Hope you're enjoying this wonderful holy timeChris x

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