>Spending, Stitching and a Surprising Return

>OK i have been too busy to blog, i started to stitch some more of my wedding sampler.

I bought two more charts ( well i couldnt help myself,) and yes more boobs, another one that my mum will frown on, but even my youngest loves this one, she says it reminds her of Avatar, and a butterfly fairy, which i love her eyes.

I also started on Alena Lazareva’s Mermaid, not much to see really but i am liking stitching on 25ct, and can you believe there is other 2500 stitches here, after a week. not a great progress but its a start.

And finally I had a lovely surprise I got my Gypsy wagon back!

A woman discovered it in her caravan when she went off at Christmas so she went to the last caravan site she was at and the site owner still had my address on file and remembered me- probably with all the moaning i did at him. So here it is, a little dirty but nothing that wont wash out.

I am now going to decide what i am going to stitch for the remainder of this week , carry on with mermaid or have a new start and rotate my work on a weekly basis.

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