>Mermmie and Stresses

>Well still slow and still not done page 3, but i am still stressed to high heaven, were being evicted through no fault or our own, they company that owns our house want to flatten them so we have till the new year to find somewhere to live. the council says i have more chance of winning the lottery than getting a house so we are going to move into our caravan until something comes up .So if it goes very quiet in the New Year, its because i will have no internet. the kids aren’t sure how they will survive life with out the internet.

when i tell them that we didn’t even have computer in our house they cant believe how i survived lol

Anyway i  nearly bought a new HAED to cheer myself up but i cant spend money on patterns so i am trying not to look as i know there will  be something that i want lol

so here is this weeks progress, her hair is nearly done, sorry about the picture, our camera really is that bad

4 thoughts on “>Mermmie and Stresses

  1. >Aww so sorry to hear your news your stitching is gorgeopus and i hope it helps you get thru this rough period I know my stitching always gets me through xxx

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