>I Can’t Stitch For A WEEK

>I have just had eye surgery and i am not allowed to stitch until at least Thursday when i go back to the hospital for the results of the biopsy and for them to check my eye, i have a patch on ( i took it off as the tape was driving me to distraction but it is stuck back on and now i keep walking into things again!

Since i cant stitch i have been trying to sort out all my blogs that i read as they all went off for some reason, i am sure there is some missing so if your not on give me a holla and i will sort it out, its not like i can do anything else this week, imagine a week off work and i cant stitch.

So here is the progress i made on Mermmie, still didn’t finish page 3 but i suppose if i hadn’t started a bit of page 4 i would have, i will put a update on Dreaming On The Farm too, as soon as my batteries charge up, and speaking of Hannah Lynn Disney i received my picture yesterday that i won from her Facebook auction! i love it, as i was going to wrap it up and put it away in our new house, whenever and wherever that will be but i couldn’t wait, so here is my one of a kind no copies available picture, i may be having a crap time lately but this made up for it.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, I’m off to try and get some sympathy- not that i will get any on this house lol


7 thoughts on “>I Can’t Stitch For A WEEK

  1. >Hope your eye heals quickly and you can stitch again soon, your WIP is wonderful, lovely colours at least your new picture brought you some smiles. Hope you dont end up with too many bruises bumping into things.

  2. >Oh no hope your eye is better soon.Thanks for leavinga comment on my blog.Yes I would love to stitch the Christmas fairies too,but I have just started a HAED.x

  3. >I hope that your eye is better soon and that the biopsy results are normal. I love you new picture – its awesome and I hope that it brings some funshine into your life.HUGS

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