>Its the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

>Last year was the first year i didn’t get my kids a chocolate advent calender each. I was fed up of the kids arguing over who had been opening their calender and sneaking heir chocolate out. Remember Billy Bob Thornton in ‘Bad Santa’ and the scene with the kids advent calender? Well that was our house every year.
So to stop the constant battles that took place i bought this advent calender, and there was peace and quiet, no more arguing over missing chocolate, there was just arguing over NO chocolate, it was worse than ever!
Who ever said best laid plans and all that…

Well i liked it, its by Amanda Loverseed, who designs the Cut Thru Designs by Bothy Threads, and being a cook and food i thought it was fitting, i even tried to make everything on the calender ( but failed miserably – it would have been cheaper to buy the chocolate advent calenders three times over) I can honestly say that i would not have been a candidate for attempting to cook an entire recipe book like Julie and Julia, ( i watched it last night while attempting to stitch with the crappy light)

But this year there has been mutiny in the ranks and i was subjected to an ordeal that will scar me for at least a week, they all ganged up on me and i was bombarded with snowballs, till i yielded.
( which to be honest didn’t take that long) so yes they are now going back to their calenders with the chocolate that tastes awful in ( unless i buy a Cadburys one then it might be me sneaking chocolate out of them lol)
and we will once again have a house full of the joys of ‘ WHOS BEEN EATING MY CHOCOLATE!!!’  ringing all through the house, yes Christmas brings out all the joy and love – just not in our house.

So the reason for this babbling post is that i have decided to share my advent calender with you and every day will post the days picture of it, along with what stitching i happened to get done the day before even if it is only 10 stitches – you have been warned.

Now i just have to dig my car out of the 4 ft drift it is currently sitting in, and decide wether i dare drive in the snow, or catch a bus, which come to think of it i haven’t seen a bus for a few days- and buy the kids their advent calenders before they sell out( and one for me- but thats just between us)

oh i forgot to add yesterday that this is the chart my hubby bought me to try and cheer me up ( i couldn’t start my other new charts as he didn’t know i got them lol) it is called Christmas Dreams, but look at all that detail i will still be stitching this when I’m 70!


5 thoughts on “>Its the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

  1. >Bev, I for one am looking forward to seeing you stitching every day. 😀 I'm glad you're feeling better from the sound of your post and what a great pressie from DH to cheer you up. 😀

  2. >Lol, hubby has a Stig advent calender and daughter has a Hello Kitty one, both have awful chocolate in them. Me, I got myself a cadbury's one with a lovely picture on the front, I definitely got the best.Hubby did great treating you to that HAED chart, it's stunning.

  3. >I make an amended version of Nigella's Chocolate fruit cake, replacing the punes with mixed fruit and it won't be made until the week before Christmad to ensure it doesn't go stale. So your well ahead of me on the cake baking department. I only made my puddings this weekend following Delia's advice to make them no more than 6 weeks before Xmas.

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