>Let The Battle Begin

>OK so the whole advent calender situation had not eased, the buses were cancelled, the roads were dodgy to say the least and the thought of digging the car out filled me with dread, why make work when it will snow again?

So  there was still no calender for the kids and they were drawing battle plans up, offering them a Kit Kat as a substitute  didn’t seem to work and i knew they were up to something, They wouldn’t even put the little Panetonne in its place on my advent Calender.

it had come to desperation now, where i had to accept defeat and go to the supermarket with the in-laws as my driving skills in the snow are crap.(plus my little focus was still covered and their 4×4 is a lot better in the snow than mine.)

So after spending 4 hours of being pulled to bits, from  ‘not making the Christmas cake months ago, what kind of wife am i?’ to ‘ why am i putting the tree up too early, christmas eve is much better’, and the classic ‘my son could have been living in Australia if he hadn’t met me and i had got pregnant’,  I am finally  home, the kids have their advent calender, the oven is warming up as i am making the Christmas cake today (yes it is late but i was canceling christmas altogether when i first learnt we had to move) and i may even put the Christmas tree up, before all the snow melts and it no longer feels christmassy. The stitching may not be as much to show tomorrow, but i will spending the last day before they re-open the school tomorrow, getting into the christmas spirit.

I just wish a little elf would get into the christmas spirit and dig my car out for me… well the fruit for the cake will have to soak in the brandy a bit longer if i am to get my car out, unless my prays for more snow are answered. I am now off to battle the snow drift I may be some time…


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