>Salad Anyone?

>Well the trifle didn’t get made as the kids had ate all the jellies, and i wasn’t going to go 5 miles to the nearest shop to get one, but after a bad day at work didn’t really feel like making one.

I did manage to stitch some more on Mermmie, and i want to stitch on her all week. On the HAED BB my yearly goal was to stitch 4 pages of her, and i would like to nearly be there, as after page 4 ( not that i have finished page 3 yet) there is only 1 3/4 pages to stitch and a lot of them are blocks of colour.
I do think though that it looks a lot better when viewing from afar as when your right on top of it you can not make out any of the detail, it wasn’t till i took a photo that i noticed the flower in her hair.
Not the best photo since my youngest dropped the camera in the snow. Will not get much done on her today as we are going to my mums for tea for my step dads birthday, and she doesn’t like me stitching.

Today we have a bowl of Salad on the calender, hardly salad weather at the moment, as it is still cold. I am off to now thrash my youngest on Wii Fit, and prove that 37 is not ancient!


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