>Its Officially Christmas

>I decided to make the trifle( minus the sherry, yuck!) yes i changed my mind, but I’m a woman and thats what we do lol, I did get a bit carried away a bit with the chocolate flake, but who doesn’t like chocolate!

As i thought, i didn’t get much done on Mermmie but still progress it progress.

For the calender we have little biscuits, – if you can make them out, which no i am not making today. Maybe later though lol,

and why is official?   i have seen the Coca-Cola advert today, so Christmas is now here! now if only i could write the christmas cards out, however, it seems my children have bet me to it and used all the cards i bought and left us with  the dodgy ones. Lovely.


4 thoughts on “>Its Officially Christmas

  1. >That's how I always judge Christmas as well, used to have a deal with my old housemate that the decorations could go up when we saw teh advert.Mermaid's looking really lovely, can see you progress.

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