>Page 3 Finally Done!!

>Yes, Yes I know, no update or anything from me for a week, but what a week i have had, who was i kidding that i would be able to update never mind stitch! The last week of school term is mad, plays, Christmas dinner, parties, carol services, mad, mad, mad.
I have been starting work at 5 in the morning, finishing at 3 no breaks, no sitting down nothing, getting home and collapsing for a half a hour not moving, then starting again at home, so when i finally sit down later i have just been like a zombie, and they say men have it hard and we have it easy! when they finish work thats it, fat chance of women being able to do that!!!

OK rant over

Here is Mermmie, i was hoping to get page 4 finished before the year end, not sure if thats possible now, but going to give it a go, on the bright side i did finish page 3 !!!

a finish is a finish right? only another 21 pages to finish lol

as for the advent calender, well i haven’t even had time to put it together yet,


3 thoughts on “>Page 3 Finally Done!!

  1. >Bev, oy vey… your schedule made me cringe! I hope it'll be better next week. Mermie looks soooooo awesome and finishing page 3 is totally a cause for celebration! šŸ˜€

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