>TUSAL and monotone stitching

>Well what can i say, black, black and more black and i am still only 3/4 of the page through, i am hoping to finish with all the black tomorrow as i am wanting to ‘colour’ in before i put it away on Friday.

And here is my TUSAL, on time too, woop woop ( lets see how long it lasts) most of my things are packed up so my orts are in a Baileys glass until i move and unpack and find something better to put them in. Can you see what’s left of the candle – hubby didn’t think to move it away from the fire, the dope!


7 thoughts on “>TUSAL and monotone stitching

  1. >I can see an eye!!!!! She's going to be so gorgeous, Bev!! Wow, your TUSAL puts mine to shame… you have so much in there. :DAny news on the moving front?

  2. >greta work on your monotone piece its going to be lovely.I somehow manged to delete your comment on my latch hook rug so thank you for leaving it even if I messed up lol.BTW Latch hook couldnt be easier its just like following a cross stitch chart only the stitches are different and on bigger canvas.Happy StitchingHugs Shellie xx

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