>Here’s Looking At You Kid

>Here she is, and i have really enjoyed stitching her, so much that i am this week going to stitch another Hannah Lynn, Dreaming On The Farm, (  aka DOTF)  this week, I even remembered to fray check this piece.

8 thoughts on “>Here’s Looking At You Kid

  1. >Wow you've made great progress in just a week, she looks gorgeous already.I signed up for the SAL as well with Curl Up With A Good Book. Want to start it, but really wondering if I should when I already have 6 HAED's started lol.

  2. >Wow that's going to be stunning. When using fraycheck do you cut away the fabric edges when you're done? I've heard over time it can discolour and leech further into the fabrics. I usually don't bother to do anything to the endges of my fabric, it freys a little bit yes, but not much more than you would loose to zig zaging or putting a chemical of the fabric.Just my 2 cents.

  3. >Wow, you "finished" the page already! Wow. I am also just doing the black at the moment till my thread arrives. She looks beautiful just in black 🙂 Maybe . . . nah, the colour will be beautiful too.

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