>Black, Black and more Black

>MY STITCHY BUG IS BACK!!!, Sorry i had to shout about it as i thought it had buggered off never to be seen again, i have got back into my mermaid again, and took it with me camping, I only took two colours with me 3371 and 301 ( dark brown and black), i did all of these two colours on page 5 and i have started page 6 which most of it is just black.

I really wanted to put it down and finish page one of DOTF but i am going to try and get all the black done before i swap, well as much as i can before Friday as its the Freebie SAL on the HAED BB this week.

The trouble with HAEDS are it doesn’t look much but it takes me ages to stitch, so I’m happy with the progress, i am hoping you can see a difference at the end of the week

5 thoughts on “>Black, Black and more Black

  1. >Don't worry Bev, we all know how long it takes to create those little smushes of colour. I've just finished my first ever page and it's taken about 40 hours of work, which in turn has been about 4 months of work.As long as you're enjoying it, thats the important thing.

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