>Fragile Heart


Crap photo I know!

Page 3 was emailed to us this week so i really need to pull my socks out as i really want to finish a HAED this year. It is the SAL tomorrow so this I took a photo to show where I am at the moment, I should at least finish this page this week.  Looking forward to seeing her eye come alive.


6 thoughts on “>Fragile Heart

  1. >She's coming along Bev, I just love this design. So wish I'd signed up for this one now instead of the Spangler one, the colours are just gorgeous.

  2. >Hi Bev. I just read your comment that you left on my blog. OMG! I may need to lend my guardian angel to you. It's nice that you got what you wished for but bit concerned about the way it came about though. You have a fantastic sense of humour I love your blog and all your wips esp Mermaid and Marilyn. I'm also doing Fragile Heart for the SAL. Good luck with yours she's looking great so far. I had to do a restart since I gouged a hole in the fabby. So not much done on her. Take care and I mean that truly LOL xo Alicia

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