New Start For A New Home?

Well I made the decision, and it will take me a while to get used to everything, but my way of thinking is. New home, new job, new body (pfft like that will ever happen, I ain’t wee lol) So I have got a new blog instead.  I never said that my reasoning made sense 😀

Over on the HAED BB  there is a new starting on the 24th June and i chose…… ( drum roll please)


It was a hard decision, to be honest it would have been easier not to sign up, but what they hell! It is also Bingo time on the board too, and if my luck is like anything i will get a few and then nothing.

And finally she hasn’t been out for a while, but Mermmie is here, this is where I got up to before my 20 stitches this week.

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