Well Hello There – GIVEAWAY SIGN UP TILL 30th JUNE

So here i am, new blog ( wordpress has let me transfer all my old posts) and new domain, and to celebrate I am holding a giveaway!!

The prize will be chosen by the winner, from the following.

A HAED chart ( this would be emailed to you from HAED)


£15 gift voucher from SEWANDSO


for you stitcher’s out there that have more stash than you will have time to stitch, a donation to your favourite charity, after all us stitcher’s are a kind bunch.

Plus the winner will also win a copy of new magazine MOLLIE MAKES.

To enter all you have to do is, leave a comment on this post and post on your blog, thats it.

I will be still following everyone as i have got everyone’s blog on my subscriptions list, but unfortunately Google Friends doesn’t work on wordpress for some reason and i can not get wordpress.org to work it is beyond me and i cant afford to pay someone to do it for me, so until then its email subscription only ( top right of page) OR  changing your blogroll ( sorry)

so i will run this giveaway until 30th June, when i will announce the winner on the 1st July.

Hope everyone is having a productive stitching week – will post an update of mermmie later.


23 thoughts on “Well Hello There – GIVEAWAY SIGN UP TILL 30th JUNE

  1. Wow – a giveaway that the winner can choose, with one of the prizes being a donation to charity – I think you deserve a prize for thinking of charity in your giveaway – I have not seen any other blog offer anything similar before!
    I like the picture of your floss!

  2. I’m glad the migration has worked for you. The issue with your Google friends is a java script one and WP.com has recently allowed google maps and google calendar so maybe soon they will allow friends as well.
    BTW, Big ups for the giveaway to celebrate the move!!!

  3. Hope you will be happy in your new home. I love your header picture. Will try to advertise your giveaway on my blog. Please pop over to mine as I am having a giveaway too. Will add your new address to my blogroll, fingers crossed.

  4. Welcome to your new home! Hope you soon settle in. Please include me in your giveaway draw. I have a wishlist on the SewandSo website, it would be lovely to transfer something to my Stashlist!

  5. Hello (Hallo in Dutch 😉 ),

    Good luck with the give away, to everywone.
    I do not and give away, sorry. I wich another the give away to 😉

    A have put your link from your new blog on my blog 😉

    Blogs you cant follow with bloglovin, wen a new post is, you can si it on bloglovin, Bev. Verry good site 😉

    My blog you can read it in English on the richt side by “Links” 😉

    Good luck with your new blog, i follow you 😉

    Mvg Sarah


  6. Welcome to WordPress, I hope you enjoy your time here. Great to hear that you were able to transfer all your posts 🙂
    I will announce your give-away on my blog soon 🙂
    Already put your new address to my newsfire 🙂

  7. Congrats on your move! Happy everything worked out for you. I am happy also that I will still be able to follow you! I will be adding to my post for today about your move and contest. Thanks!

  8. Congrats on your new blog, like your header. I’ve just subscribed to it through my google reader so hopefully will just be able to carry on reading your posts as normal.
    I’d love to enter your giveaway please.

  9. I hope you like your new site. I know a couple of people that have left blogspot because of their recent troubles. It has treated me well, though I think I’m one of the few!! I’ll be posting about your giveaway on my blog in just a few as I can never have too many charts, lol.

  10. Was it difficult to change things over like that? Glad it worked for you. Heard about your giveaway from Jule and yes dear so here I am to enter. And I would prefer a chart from HAED if chosen. Thank you for doing this for everyone.

  11. Your new blog looks awesome and I love the idea of using your own domain. I’m thinking of doing this myself!

    I love your giveaway as I’m incurably addicted to HAED and I’m in! I linked your blog on the side bar of mine.

  12. i would love to be entered into the draw i have just recently found cross stitch, and just stumbled on your blog, and love it, going to have to find the baby sampler you did for my little girl

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