To Tent or Not To Tent, That Is The Question

My stitching at the best of times is slow, and just cant get an faster. Mind you if i didnt have any interuptions

  • Mum, what’s for tea?
  • Mum, Callum/Lauren/Nicole is annoying me!
  • Mum i cant go my homework, can  you do it for me help?
  • I cant find my clothes/shoes/homework/phone/bed * delete as appropriate
  • Where’s my car keys ( in the place you have just looked, honestly are all men useless as looking for ANYTHING or is it just mine?)
  • The phones ringing! (sorry can’t anyone else answer it!)
  • MUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

The list could go on and on, and since i would love to stitch as fast as Rachel ( super speedy) but will never, i am pondering whether to try and have another go at tenting, on the HAED BB there is a picture that has been tented and it looks amazing, so should i try it on a new start, I mean i have loads of charts and loads i want  (i have finally updated my stash and wishlist pages) so i could try it, or do i just plod on.

Speaking of plodding on, im sure this bleeding ship has sailed off as i cant see it anywhere, yes i know its a crap amount of stitching i have done, but i have had all the above thrown at me in one night, so if i grab a full 30 minutes it is a blessing,.

and i did a bit of Rapunzel last night, and this is it, you can count the stitches they are that few.

I am hoping that i get a bit in today, but not sure what to stitch i need to see really which is shouting at me, to stop me buying LADY GODIVA as i REALLY REALLY want this chart.

p.s dont forget Thursday is the last day for sign up for the giveaway

8 thoughts on “To Tent or Not To Tent, That Is The Question

  1. Maybe you should give it a try. I love tenting, but that’s what works best for me. After all, it’s not the speed or how many HAED’s you can complete (remember, our lives are different and the amount of time we use for stitching), the most important thing is enjoy your hobby 🙂

  2. Lol!!!! Im glad it’s not justly family! And it’s all men! Great stitching, keep at it. Do what you have to do to enjoy you’re stitching! That’s what’s important.

  3. I think I can spot it (not the keys, nor the homework or anything but the ship)!
    My hubby is usually looking for his glasses every now and then and he has THREE pairs all around the house 🙂
    Your progress look great for me!

  4. Nina is right. Stitching shouldn’t be a chore and everyones lives are different.
    I personally don’t like the way tenting looks. If the tension and fabric count is not right it can look awful. I have however seen some nice tented pieces. I also don’t find it to be much faster than full crosses.

  5. I never used tent, but I am also thinking about giving it a try 🙂 I think it looks fine, but in the end it only matters if you like working it. If you never try, you will never know 🙂

    I am so excited to see the ship, I hope it will appear soon 🙂 A lovely start on Rapunzel, I’m eager to see more 🙂

    Lady Godiva is so beautiful, I have been eying her, too. But up to now I am very good at not buying anymore charts 🙂 But I would understand if you got weak 🙂

  6. I only have DH and DD wanting my attention, but I know how distracting it is.
    I wish I could get my head around tenting, but I just don’t think it looks right and it would feel to me like I was cheating somehow. I do envy other HAED stitchers who make such quick progress, but I’m learning slowly to just enjoy my stitching and be happy with any progress. If I don’t finish another HAED in my lifetime, so what,

  7. You should give tenting a try, Bev. I love tenting, but must admit that took me a while to get used to it… and not everyone likes it either.
    Congratulations on your new starts!!!

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