Stitch, Frog, Stitch, Frog

That’s all i have been doing this, i have been plugging away at Rapunzel trying to make sure i have done the stitches right and then i find that i have made a mistake so i have to frog it all, tis slightly bugging me that i cant seem to count, but thats what you get watching ‘Game of Thrones’ when I’m stitching, still next time i pick it up i will be able to maybe stitch a little quicker.



..Lastly the last day of the Giveaway is tomorrow, just comment on this post








6 thoughts on “Stitch, Frog, Stitch, Frog

  1. I could never have GoT on while I stitched! Too much of a distraction =) Especially with that amount of confetti stitches. You’ve made a great start though!

  2. Great progress. I’m surprised you can stitch whilst watching Game of Thrones. My hubby likes watching it – not my cup of tea. I sometimes go in whilst he is watching it and say did they say what I just think they said lol.

  3. I tried stitching while watching Game of Thrones, too, and I wasn’t so good at it either. I spent half the time not stitching 😉 Sorry to hear, that you had to frog after that 😦 But your work is never the less beautiful!

  4. i usually make the mistakes because i refuse to stop stitching till i do 600+ and i get too tired to stitch and then the mistakes happen, good progress so far, and im sorry that you got distracted :S.
    Im looking forward to the progress of this one and the mermaid one, i was going to get the mermaid one, but oh decided dryad just pipped it to the post, so ill be watching yours with allot of interest.

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