So what’s Your Goals for This Year?

Well its the Freebie SAL on the HAED BB so Fragile Heart is out, i am hoping to see if i can get all the black stitched, we had page 4 emailed to us this week, and i was so hoping that i would be able to keep up with her as the year went on, but i will be happy if I can get it all done, before Friday, or until something else starts screaming at me.

On the BB i also put in my half yearly goals, and after seeing that i am going to fail the yearly goals i have decided to stick with managble ones,So by 31st December I need to have done…

  • 1 page of QS Daffodil Springs by Hannah Lynn
  • 1 page of Corsair Daemira by Nene Thomas
  • 1 page of Rapunzel by Jasmine Becket Griffith.


told you they were short, so i was thinking what is your goals, what would you like to have started, finished or done by 31st December?

Will update picture of Fragile Heart tomorrow when i find what i did with the camera, it is in a safe place, somewhere in the house.



7 thoughts on “So what’s Your Goals for This Year?

  1. My goals:
    Stitch every cover kit in the month of receipt
    Finish as many of my 11 as possible
    Keep up-to-date with the Dark Alphabet
    Don’t start a large project which isn’t on the 11
    Frame everything as I finish it

    Looking forward to seeing how you progress with your goals!

  2. My main goal is to get my Cinderella Wishes Upon a Dream kit at least halfway done. I also have a more short term goal of completing a birth sampler before my friend has her baby (about 3 months from now). If I can accomplish those two things, I will be very happy!!

  3. my goals on HAED is to finish the first 2 pages of each of the 4 charts i have.
    So on train of dreams i only have a few hundred confetti stitches to do, butterfly wood, i have 1/2 page to do along with confetti stitches on the first page to finish, once was innocent i have still to start ( so obviously have 2 full pages to do) and dryad.At the time this was 1 day only and so i had onlly done 400 stitches, but i have already completed well over 60% of the first page and started page 2 tonight (waiting on some threads to finish page1)

    I think however a personal goal will be to finish 4 pages on each chart by christmas, wither this will be doable i do not know as my wedding is coming up very fast, thus why i kept my HAED goals simple.

  4. I don’t do well with multiple goals… I like to finish a project before starting another and since I don’t pick the next start till I have a finish, they kinda hang up in the air. The only thing different this year is since I’m doing 2 Chatelaine classes, I’d like to keep up to date with them, and so far so good. 😀

  5. My goals are basically not to set any goals, I usually fail at that point 😀 But maybe I should work on that… Goals keep you going…
    Well, I guess it would be good to start and finish a bookmark for a friend of mine, I promised her to stitch it for her and she is looking forward to it 🙂

  6. Good luck with your goals. I didn’t think I had goals but I do have a list of things on a page on my blog I would like to get stitched this year so perhaps I do have goals afterall lol.

  7. i changed my goals – and increased it :S, same charts just to do alot more. Although i have not made it unrealistic. My average stitches a day at the moemnt is 600, so i made it 300 a day for my goals. so all in i need to stitch over 51,000 now to finish my goals

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