I’m A Woman I’m Allowed To Change My Mind!

Have you ever stitched something to giveaway, then decided to keep it? No? Just me then 😮

I didn’t know if it was the right thing to send or not, now i am not religous, and only go to church when i have to, but how do you know if someone would be offended if they got a Jospeh, Mary and Jesus ornament, not forgetting the Little Donkey. SO i decided to keep it for myself and send something else 🙄

I just have to make it into an ornament ( argh!) will post a picture when the person gets it

now this week is the confetti SAL on HAED BB so its back to Rapunzel


4 thoughts on “I’m A Woman I’m Allowed To Change My Mind!

  1. It looks really nice, the little donkey looks cute. I often stitch something to give away and really want to keep it, so far i have been a really good girl and given everything away that was a gift/exchange.

  2. verry nics, great collors.

    a little kitten on the left site ?

    i now my english is not so good but i try 😉

    How is it with your wordpress blog, your love it ?

    Mvg Sarah

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