I’m Admitting Defeat For Today

I have been stitching Rapunzel today and I give up, yes your right this is a whingy post you have been warned. šŸ˜¦

I have spent hours on it, and there you can hardly tell a difference, i have headache from checking the chart, checking the place on the fabric, re-checking the chart again, It has been doing my bloody head in, so I am holding my head up andĀ admittingĀ defeat for today and giving up on her for today, maybe even this week.


8 thoughts on “I’m Admitting Defeat For Today

  1. Try parking the thread might help a bit. Not the usual parking method where people stitch a block of 10 x 10 but the original parking instruction. You can find it on Scarlet Quince website http://www.scarletquince.com/parking.php. It worth to try. I usually combine cross country stitching and parking. I do cross country stitching when there’s chunk of color and parking when there are lots of confetti stitches.

  2. My haed is a UFO, first time i tried one and it’s not seen the light of day for….. must be 18 months now!!

    Mut say though, they are a nice mix of colours in this one

  3. im going to get it back out tonight and maybe stitch a bit more, i hate get wound up over it, but it needs doing some little and often, going to give parking a go too, well thats the plan anyway šŸ™‚

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