I Caved ( just don’t tell the hubby)

After a terrible week with my eldest daughter, i needed cheering up so with there being a 30% sale on over at HAED I went and cheered myself up with two charts, White Tiger By David Penfound


and then i bought Lady Godiva by John Maler Collier. Did you know he painted this in 1898! I kept going back to this picture over and over, and in the end i just had to have it.

My husband says I  have a thing for naked women, MEN!

I was contemplating stitching her in silks, but the cost would have been over £220 and even if i bought 4 threads a week, it is far too much, so DMC it is.

I did go back and pick up Rapunzel too, i hate getting beaten, so slow and steady it has been with her, i am hoping to stitch another 4 colours into her and then put it away this month, and yes I call them him or her… come to think of it i have no HIM’s, think the White Tiger is a HIM.

Hoping my fabric that i ordered from sewandso come soon, I think I have enough charts to keep me going for a few years now




10 thoughts on “I Caved ( just don’t tell the hubby)

  1. Oh goodness, I’ve been lusting after Lady Godiva, too. My list is so large right now I’m not letting myself buy anything more – reward program ONLY from now on. Beautiful choices, though!

  2. I’m sitting here doing the Snoopy Dance!! I’m not the only one!!! LOL I purchased the Taj Mahal Mandala over a year ago and spent $260…Hubby doesn’t know!!! I did buy silk threads 😦 and the crystals added up too. Oh well, I bought it for him and now I’m stitching it for him! I can’t wait to follow your progress, and I’ll send prayers for you and your daughter.

  3. They’re such beautiful charts, especially love Lady Godiva (don’t worry, I won’t tell!)
    I can see why you like Lady Godiva, I love the idea of stitching a piece of art work. I keep hoping that Jack Vetriano will give permission for his art work to be done.

  4. lol you’re so right…MEN! 😉
    Great choices of designs they will look great stitched!
    Nice progress on Rapunzel you can start to see the cherub

  5. The two charts are amazing. Lady Godiva is fantastic, I find myself looking at her from time to time, too. I am actually proud of myself for resisting the sale (which is due to my extra-strong willpower, not due to the fact that I just didn’t have the time to think about the sale). Great work on Rapunzel!

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