Small Finish

Just managed a small finish, but not  happy how it turned out, love stitching chickadee as it only take a few nights but my finishing skills are slightly bad, well terrible actually lol.

The more i tried to make it better the worse it got, so i gave up, and yes my idea was to make into a heart and i bought a bell to make the bottom but it doesnt look right, i think i should have not bothered with that part, oh well you live and learn.

Just waiting for the fray check to dry then i can start stitching on… ( still not decided 🙂 )

6 thoughts on “Small Finish

  1. I love these little chickadees, its a lovely ornament

    I dont like doing heart shaped ornaments, i did receive some advice to cut out a piece of cardboard to the shape and size i want, put it onto the fabric and draw round it lightly with a pencil, then cut 1/4″ outside the line, the line then becomes the stitch line so it should make sewing up a lot easier, i still need to try this advice, bad experience with the last one and i’ve not tried it again yet.

  2. A lovely finish. I know how you feel about finishing. I am so very bad but good on you for trying a heart shape I can’t imagine it is easy.

  3. I just love it !
    doesn´t matter it did not excatly turn out the way you wanted, the next time it will be better, I promisse !
    just love that christmas chichadee, wish I had the chart for it……….
    just hope I´ll remember to put your new blogg-adress in my blogg roll, so I´ll be able to find you again !
    my head is a mess right now….

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