Help Needed

So I am wide awake last night and was trying to figure out, how i can stitch faster to complete the charts i have, i mean my finishes are terrible, so the question here that i am sure you will be able to help is this…


If I stitched Marilyn on black evenweave (Jobelan – never stitched on this before but if someone could give me a heads up on what’s it like would appreciate it) could i miss out the black background, this would then leave me to just stitch the other colours.

I don’t know if this would work as there is black  between the left of her face and her hair, and i am not sure if i should omit this too, or should i stitch all the colours and see what this looks like, any theories on this would be much appreicated.




8 thoughts on “Help Needed

  1. If you would like to reduce stitching time I would suggest that you leave the black areas empty. At least in my opinnion it is way too difficult to stitch on black with black. You won’t see any difference when you look the pic from further apart. I have left white areas unstitched on white aida and in some designs that works just fine though I know most stitchers would think that is a crime =)

  2. What size fabric are you planning on using? I think that she would look just as good leaving out the black and stitching only the colors, however, stitching on black is extremely tiring on the eyes, so use lots of light and take frequent breaks. I’m getting ready to dye a fabric, for a piece I’m going to start, a dark blue and use the same idea of leaving out the dark “outside” and work the colors. Good luck, she’s going to be gorgeous!

  3. I would stitch her on black fabric, no doubt whatsoever.
    it takes a little getting used to, but once you´ve done it, you´re hooked, believe me !
    do take another project along, to do in the eavenings, and keep your threads well organised, the different whites and greys all look alike in the eavening.
    black Jobelan is definitaly my favorite !

  4. My question is… in the areas where it looks black…. are they pure black or shades of black with 939, 3031 etc? Cos with those are peppered in there and the area is confetti-esque, it might get complicated. :S

  5. I’ve stitched once on black 14ct Aida, and I think the holes in Aida are much bigger than Jobelan, and I have sworn that I never ever stitch on black anymore.
    Better test stitch first and see if you like it or not before commit to such big project on black.

  6. i bought some 28ct joblean as i hate aida now, have not stitched on it for years, but the last time i did stitch on black, it was on aida so was a lot easier to see and i stitched with a white cushion underneath to make it easier but the light in the room in my new house is not as good and even though i now sit next to the window i think this may be day stitching only.
    i also love how joblean feels i was dubious before but i am so glad i got it, now.

    so my plans are to stitch the face only stitch black that is in the face and leave out the black between the hair and face on the left of her, and see how it looks, well that’s the plan whether it will work out or not remains to be seen!

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