First Update Of Lady Godiva

OK here she is the one i have decided to start, Lady Godiva.

I decided I didn’t like the cream when it came, and the white i got was for White Tiger, which i was going to try tenting, so in the end i decided to try tenting Lady Godiva, i don’t know if i have made the right decision, alas only time will tell.

Anyway this is two days of stitching, and i am surprised that i can see the column taking shape, the back is a lot thicker than it is when i am stitching with full crosses, but I seem to have the tension right as its not gappy, but i am just hoping that it is not too tight when doing the confetti stitching. Can you tell that I am having doubts now 😦

I also made a desision on a personnel note to go the doctors and ask for help with my weight, i have never been small, I have a large frame, and my shoulders are nearly as wide as my husbands, so yes im afraid I will never been slim my hips wont allow it, but i want to be happy.

I have moved back to where i lived when i was 19 and 3 kids, stopping smoking ( twice) and 18 years later i have put on 4 stone, how did that happen? I hate going out in case I see someone i know from my past, how sad is that, its my fault and now im moaning, well i have to wait two weeks to be referred and for 12 short weeks i will have all the help i need, not sure that 12 weeks is long enough, 12 years maybe 🙂

So I am hoping that I will gets loads of stitching done to help me, keep my hands busy and all that.



7 thoughts on “First Update Of Lady Godiva

  1. Great start on Lady Godiva. I can’t help you with tending, I never did it before but I hope to try it soon (when my threads finally arrive…). Anyway, I hope you will like it so you don’t have to force yourself to work on your Lady or restart her.
    I wish you good luck with your weight =)

  2. great start on Lady Godiva:-)
    good luck with your weight loss. I’ m also trying to loose my pregnancy weight and like you hate to go out in case someone I know sees me, I hate the way I look now :-$

  3. Nice start on Lady Godiva Bev:)
    Good luck with the weight. I feel big too and I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I’m 2 stone heavier than I was when I got married and I hate it although I’d be happy just to get rid of a stone of it. I did well last year and lost over half a stone but since depression hit it’s almost all gone back on and I hate myself for it.

  4. Nice start. I joined Weight Watchers and love that all it is is eating healthy and making the right decisions on what to put in your mouth. Hang in there and keep us updated.

  5. Good Luck with Lady Godiva and the weight loss. I’m lucky I don’t have a problem with losing weight, but then I’ve never gotten into the bad habits alot of people have. I don’t snack between meals or eat after my teatime meal. I’m always amazed at the amount of snacks some people eat – I simply can’t afford to buy that much junk food! I also walk quite briskly and alot. I’ve heard WeightWatchers are one of the best ways to do it, it’s all about changing bad habits and getting into new ones. CBT may be helpful if you are a compulsive eater and need more help breaking the cycle.

  6. Beautiful start. It’s a huge project, tent stitch will make it faster to finish. Good luck with your weight loss and never ever blame yourself. Be positive, it will make everything easier. My favourite song atm is Just the way you are from Bruno Mars. Hope it helps 🙂

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