Does Anyone Fancy Putting My Threads Back?

Finally finished page one of Lady Godiva. It has took me three days to stitch this bleeding horse, why so long you ask?

Well this is why…

46 colours!! yes 46 colours in the horses head, it was driving me to distraction!

it got harder and harder to stitch the colours, so i am going to have to see about another way of fastening threads, as i was sure i was going to break the needle.

think i am going to do my mermaid next and try and finish the page, i need to see that ship,  ahoy me mateys!

oh i forgot, I caved ( yes buying no more charts lasted all of two weeks lol)

i just had to, she’s mermaid and red/pink, what more can i say

Well at least i didnt buy any of of them Nene’s

7 thoughts on “Does Anyone Fancy Putting My Threads Back?

  1. Huh, sounds like a confetti-hell. But your first page looks amazing =)
    That Mermaid seems to be quite popular, but I can understand it, it’s so beautiful!

  2. Your first page looks fantastic! I can’t believe there are all those colours in there! Well actually I can lol as I did a QS once that had loads of colours in one area! They do look good though:)

    Sea of Roses is gorgeous!

  3. This is the reason my HAED became a UFO. I do admire those that stitch HAEDS, they do look amazing, maybe one day mine will come out of the box again

  4. It’s amazing all the colors combine to make that beautiful picture. I’ve got several that have tons of confetti. Just keep looking at Caspic pics of Lady Godiva for inspiration!

  5. Its looking beautiful though!! All those colors make for gorgeous results, and you feel lik eyouve really accomplished something. :))

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